Apr 16, 2014

Polyvore meetup, Belgrade

Polyvore is the proof  that virtual, creative places are gathering a special group of people who appears to be very different, but when you look deeply, very similar. Our story goes like this...
At first, it was just talking about sets we have created. And then, some „picture“ started to speak  native language.
Balkan language!
Word by word.
Get to know!
It looked like rambling over the giant closet full of various, lovely but incompatible pieces.
That is a challenge for every Polyvore girl. Isn`t it?

So then, at the end of  2008. before Christmas holidays, a group from Belgrade decided to meet live.
Just like that.
Suddenly!  (that is our favorite word)

We didn`t know each others names (just Polyvore nicknames), not even ages or faces.
Those small avatars were the only thing that we had. We were complete strangers.
From this point now, that was quite risque decision. But, we dared! We improvised, and got a huge reward.
It is a beautiful, very unusual, deep friendship despite of age differences, fashion, lifestyles, professions, experiences, religion, family and social statuses.
Meeting after meeting, our group became bigger and bigger. Girls from Belgrade got their backup from other parts of  Serbia: Novi Sad, Niš, Kragujevac, Bačka Palanka and a few ladies from neighboring country, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
We talk about everything: fashion, books, movies, the weather, Easter eggs, favorite dishes, men, children, plants, pets, sales, job, TV shows, memories, plans, trips.
The love for the game and beauty is what keeps us together.
We learn from each other, exchange experiences, give support, break prejudices.
We grow together!
Plans for the future?
To get old together, if possible.
Katarina Kaja`s creative birthday gift from Maja-k

At the end, I can just say...Polyvore, thank you for this story!
Fotografije/Photos (most): Marina
Location: Smokvica, Beograd 12.04.2014
 Polyvore story: @stefanoceras  
Translated by: Marina


  1. Stvarno divna atmosfera, vidi se da ste se lepo družile, a ti si jedna prelepa dama.

  2. Divne ste mi, divne fotke i Marry divan post! Miss you cure :*

  3. Steff words are so so beautiful! I know their meening, I am on poly from 2007 and my big dream is to meet also you girls. You all look so beautiful, stylish and too adorable. Im glad you had a great time, hope to take part in one of this meet up in Belgrade too!:) Hugs Mari!:** <3

  4. Marinče, ovo je stvarno prelepo, baš si me oduševila :) Mnogo mi je žao što nisam bila tu sa vama, ovo mesto izgleda savršeno,a slike su fantazija!! Veliki poljubac! Sanja

  5. Zbog ovoga mi je zao sto vise nisam na Polyvore-u. Divno :)

  6. Odlican post draga....super drustvance, kreativne zene i mnogo toga jos....svaka cast....sve ste mi prelijepe, ne sto ste nase ali najljepse polyvorke..nadam se da cu se uspjeti pridruziti sledecem okupljanju...ljubaccccccccc!!!!

    p.s. slike su predobreeeee

  7. I was just browsing by and came upon your gorgeous blog - it is so amazing with interesting posts! I had to follow through GFC :) x keep in touch !


  8. Beautiful photos and interesting post!


  9. Love your blog so much..wanna follow each other? Let me know,

    Bryony xxx

  10. Very nice Inspirations

    FOLLOW MY BLOG / Maybe we can follow each other!!!

  11. What a cute post!
    Love your blog :)
    I'm now following you via GFC, hope you will return the favour! :)
    Maya x


  12. Really love your blog! mind to check out mine? maybe we can follow each other :)


  13. Hey, I like your photos! Would you like to follow each other? I will follow you right back if you follow me! Enjoy your day xx
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